The power of a platform

One talk can change everything. There is power in a platform.

As a professional speaker I’m familiar with the impact my words and presence on stage can have for a given audience, yet I’ve always craved to have a greater impact beyond the stage.  To that end, I tirelessly seek and create ways to connect and work with others in alignment with my mission to ignite positive social change.

Recently I worked with an employee of a homeless charity to develop a pitch for a sizable donation to support her non-profit in being able to have a greater impact in DTLA.  Through this experience, I became aware of the many solutions that already exist to help our homeless neighbors. I realized we don’t necessarily need more solutions – we need more connection, collaboration and communication to accelerate the impact these organizations and solutions can have. That is when Accelerate Change, our non-profit, was launched.

TEDxGrandPark, our first event under the Accelerate Change umbrella, was born out of a desire to have a greater impact on this great city of Los Angeles and to instigate the development of a community that supports, empowers and broadcasts positive innovation, advocating for solutions to major local and global issues.

By bringing to the stage the ideas, products or movements we create to impact the world around us, our platform is set to be a catalyst for measurable, repeatable change across the globe. 

We’ve seen how powerful a Twitter platform can be for some people and we’ve all heard of the waves of ‘influencers’ on Instagram. Platforms have the power to change attitudes, change behaviors, and ultimately – change the world.

I invite you to support us in spreading our platform as far and wide as possible and accept our call to share your own message as often as you can. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and accelerate change!

Ben Patwa
Founder of TEDxGrandPark

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