What divides are being perpetuated through artificial intelligence?

I am the daughter of immigrants from the West Indies – a hybrid of Grenada and Jamaica. The ethics I absorbed from early childhood watching my parents and grandparents work exceptionally hard made me a striver, learning by example. Growing up, I realized that I bridged two worlds – my culture and the British way […]

‘Chief Mollusk’ Aims to Change Stubborn Stigma around Gaming

In 2018, Variety Magazine published that almost 70% of Americans are playing games, yet there’s still a stubborn stigma around gaming that suggests it’s a frivolous waste of time. While video games can, of course, be an entertaining and relaxing pastime, they are already so much more than the hi-tech toys they are often perceived […]

The power of a platform

One talk can change everything. There is power in a platform. As a professional speaker I’m familiar with the impact my words and presence on stage can have for a given audience, yet I’ve always craved to have a greater impact beyond the stage.  To that end, I tirelessly seek and create ways to connect […]

What is a TEDx Talk… and what is it not

No one talk defines it, yet not all talks fit the definition.  As you can appreciate having seen TED or TEDx talks before, it takes an incredible amount of work to structure and present an idea worth spreading.  Whilst not every talk has to be exactly the same delivery, length or message, our TED(x) talks […]

What does TEDxGrandPark Represent?

Imagine a space designed specifically to unleash new ideas, inspire action, and inform communities through thought-provoking conversation.  Welcome to TEDxGrandPark.  As an independently run community event, we’re curating content and designing an experience that distinctly represents LA. Our speakers make a difference to how they, and those they impact, live their lives. By allowing us […]