What does TEDxGrandPark Represent?

Imagine a space designed specifically to unleash new ideas, inspire action, and inform communities through thought-provoking conversation. 

Welcome to TEDxGrandPark. 

As an independently run community event, we’re curating content and designing an experience that distinctly represents LA. Our speakers make a difference to how they, and those they impact, live their lives. By allowing us to help share their ideas, we have the potential to create a positive shift in the areas of homelessness, gender equality, art & design, transport and education.

TEDxGrandPark is your chance to be inspired by a series of carefully prepared talks, demonstrations and performances that are idea-focused around our theme, ‘Bridging the Divide’. We want to provoke conversations that matter, but more importantly put words into action. What are the divides you see in your daily experience of Los Angeles, and what great ideas could contribute to bridging these divides?

If you live in LA, you’ll know it can be a tale of two cities. There are huge inequality gaps in terms of the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’, and whilst awareness is the first key to change, we need achievable first steps to overcome the status quo. 

We recognize the downside of trying to manage a fast-growing and ever-changing city such as LA. We’d never suggest change is easy, but it is necessary. The city faces complex issues that require radical solutions and very different ways of thinking. That’s what TEDxGrandPark is about – if you want something different, you have to do something different. A key measure of the success of our event is not the response after a great talk, but what we can do together post-event to change lives. That’s when the real fun begins.   

  • What are the measurable actions that you can take to know you’re bridging the divide?
  • What challenges can you set yourself to achieve after the event?
  • How can we help you?

These are the types of questions curious people ask themselves each day and it’s the type of thinking we want to stimulate at TEDxGrandPark. 

Trying to stage an event like TEDxGrandPark is no easy feat. Our team is made up entirely of volunteers – there’s no commercial interests behind the scenes or on stage. Part of the TED and TEDx event experience is to provide community-driven and bias-free content, so we’re not trying to sell you something. We’re very different to industry or marketing events  – we can’t be used to raise money, are non-political, with no religious, commercial or special-interest groups involved in the organization.

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